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Behind the Scenes of 2020

Hey, all! We know it’s been a hard year to love, but there has been so much good in 2020, and we want to share some!

We collect quite a few behind the scenes images over a year, whether we’re testing the light, getting settings straight in camera, or… well, just because Blaine thinks Janae’s hot! ;)

We know 2020 probably wasn’t the best to have the first full year in business, but we were still greatly blessed with many wonderful clients, and we wouldn’t take anything back! We can’t thank enough all the fantastic vendors, venues, and couples who we were privileged to work with this year. Nothing besides the love our Lord and savior Jesus Christ makes us more excited than marriage and the incredible thing it is to share a life with your dearest friend. To be able to serve you on your wedding day is such an incredible gift, and we can’t wait to serve you more in 2021!

We hope that you enjoy reviewing our 2020 “action” shots! See you next year, friends! 💕

Bride holding flower bouquet on deck at Cole Creek Winery and a photo of wedding stationary.
Couple walking and posing with cameras at Paseo Arts District.


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