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Rebecca & Christian | Myriad Gardens OKC Engagement Session

Again at one of our favorite locations - the Myriad Gardens in downtown OKC - we met Rebecca and Christian for the first time for their engagement session. It was about as beautiful a spring day as we could wish for, despite a brisk breeze (Blaine has been an Okie all his life, so we’re used to it!). Though we had shot there only a few days before with some other clients, we are always amazed at incredible diversity of backdrops and perspectives available in the Gardens. From the cityscapes of iconic buildings such as the Devon tower to the beautiful florals, redbud blossoms, or charming pond, there is something new for every session!

Our models were naturals in front of the camera - but we have to admit that we find that to be the case quite often when two people are in love! ;) Their easy going personalities made our job easy and we enjoyed the bits of conversation that we were able to get while walking about the park.

Rebecca and Christian, as we captured the memories of this time you cherish before becoming husband and wife, we couldn’t help but get excited for your wedding day! We pray you will have a blessed marriage!


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