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Sarah and Connor | Wedding at The Plantation at Coal Creek Tuttle, OK

Sarah & Connor’s wedding day at The Plantation at Coal Creek in Tuttle was on a beautiful, sunny day in May. Despite the concern over the COVID pandemic, the state shelter in place order was lifted before their wedding day, and we were so happy for them that they were able to continue with their original plan! It was a stressful time to plan a wedding, but Sarah did a fabulous job and everything turned out beautifully!

They met in their college marching band when neither of them were planning on getting into a relationship. They quickly realized that God had different plans and the rest is history!

Their lives are truly centered on Christ and it is evident in the way that they planned their wedding day. They chose to wait to see each other until the ceremony and you could tell just how excited Connor was to see her - though somehow we managed to keep him away from her! They had an inspiring wedding service officiated by Connor’s father.

Their first dance was choreographed excellently. It was truly elegant and the guests talked all evening about how flawlessly it was executed!



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