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Breiahna & Hunter | Scissortail Park OKC Engagement Session

We had a wonderful time at the young but beautiful Scissortail Park in Oklahoma City shooting engagement pictures for Breiahna and Hunter. Along with the Myriad Gardens, it is a gorgeous oasis in the middle of the busy city, with the amazing architecture of downtown OKC standing tall at every side. We love the backdrop of flowers, grasses, and ornamental trees juxtaposed to such products of human engineering as the Devon tower.

Breiahna and Hunter were such a sweet couple to photograph against those A+ views, and we shot every moment we could until the sun disappeared entirely! Their outfit pairing was perfect for a photo session…you can’t go wrong with a suit jacket, dress, flannel, and a cozy sweater!

For our double dinner date afterward, they chose The Hall’s Pizza Kitchen, the intended location for their first date and the actual location of their second date. We thought it was a wonderful choice! We sat outside on the upstairs veranda and were very thankful for the blankets provided as the evening cooled and we enjoyed the delicious pizza and conversation. Breiahna and Hunter, we so enjoyed our evening with you and are now so excited for you two and your summer wedding! Your love for God and each other was inspiring to see and we hope that it only grows from here.

Couple standing and twirling and couple sitting at Scissortail Park in Oklahoma City.
Couple standing on bridge embracing at Scissortail Park in Oklahoma City.



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