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Alicia & Derek | Scissortail Park OKC Engagement Session

It ended up being a blustery fall day at Scissortail park when we shot Alicia and Derek’s engagement session, but still they were easy and patient and we were able to capture some lovely photos that will forever commemorate this wonderful time!

We met with them at Fassler Hall after the session to hear their story over some delicious German food. And what an interesting story! While 2020 and COVID may not have been very fun, it hasn’t been all bad, either - and their story definitely points to some of that silver lining! Alicia had met Derek’s family at a conference and become good friends with his sister. She spent much time with his family near Dallas, but Derek was living in the city to be closer to his job and they didn’t see much of each other. However, when the quarantines hit and they had to begin working remotely, Alicia decided to stay with them and work at an office building on their property… and of course, Derek was home, too. After that, they couldn’t be separated and by September, Derek closed the deal with a ring! They are such a fun loving, genuine couple, and we’re so grateful to be a part of their story! Looking forward to seeing them married in 2021 on a beautiful January day!

Couple hugging and smiling during their engagement session at Scissortail Park in Oklahoma City.
Couple embracing during their engagement session in Scissortail Park with water, the Devon tower, and downtown Oklahoma City in the background.



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