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Merrick Hollow in Merrick, Oklahoma | Featured Venue

We turned up the wooded drive to Merrick Hollow and pulled into a gravel parking lot surrounded by trees. The venue couldn’t be seen through the thick foliage; instead, the first planks of a wooden bridge were all that was visible before it was engulfed by the trees. On our way in, the bridge twisted and turned in a magical way, enhanced by the warm, glowing lights that were strung out above on each side. When we approached the venue, we paused, taking in the lovely sight. The striking architecture and magnificent windows of Merrick Hollow among the forest is truly captivating. We had a wonderful time taking pictures of the venue and talking with Chainey. She and her husband, Stephen, did an incredible job creating a serene, unique space for adventurous couples to promise their love and commitment to one another.

Here are some special details about the venue:

Merrick Hollow is a recently completed venue in the historic town of Merrick, Oklahoma. It is located 40 minutes from Edmond, 30 minutes from Stillwater, and 20 minutes from Guthrie. Merrick, Oklahoma was established in 1893 and was named after its founder, James J. Merrick. At the turn of the 19th century, Merrick was populated by more than 500 people. In 1935 it nearly disappeared from the map and was very much a ghost town. In Merrick’s heyday it had a barber, blacksmith, churches, cotton gin, doctors offices, drug store, funeral parlor, hardware store, hotel, livery/garage, post office, railroad depot, residential lots and a school. The school, built in 1911, sadly closed in 1944 and still stands today as a historical site. Today’s residents are a tightly knit rural community and truly love Merrick’s history.

Merrick Hollow history has not yet developed to such a saga; yet the dream began eight years ago when Chainey and Stephen set out to create their unique take on a wedding venue. Originally aspiring to build a treehouse themed venue, the raised bridge was an idea from the beginning, but through several twists of fate the plan eventually morphed into the final breathtaking result. Chainey and Stephen say that it is much more than they even imagined in the beginning, but they are very excited to continue adding to the experience in every possible way. Their creativity will be sure not to disappoint!

Merrick Hollow offers an indoor or outdoor ceremony with an indoor reception hall. The outdoor ceremony location is a beautiful open field of grass surrounded by trees; any style of decor could turn it into whatever gorgeous woodland setting you could imagine.

The bridal suite is perfect, even offering a full bathroom with a tub and a second story deck looking out over the woods.

The Hollow offers a truly unique experience that combines a majestic wooded setting with a touch of modern elegance. Upon arriving, guests will be swept away by the surrounding natural landscapes while walking the 360 foot winding bridge. From the large modern window, the unhewn tree which greets you inside the door, to the majestic wooded ceremony area there is beauty at every turn.

We asked Chainey to give us some advice for any engaged couples and she shared a wonderful tip!

“The best advice we have for our couples is to prioritize budget planning. This may not be the most enjoyable part of wedding planning, but it’s definitely the most important. The last thing you want to do is start your marriage in debt. Be honest with yourself and have clear communication with your fiancé, parents or other potential contributors. Being budget friendly is something Merrick Hollow strives for by allowing couples to pick their own vendors as well as offering off peak season and military/veteran discounts.”

We loved touring this venue and look forward to working here in the future!

Merrick Hollow: Website | Instagram | Facebook



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